Weight Management and the Ancient Warrior.

The Ancient Warrior tribes would have been physically powerful, and this would have meant a higher need for protein and fats in their diets, in modern times this could mean a reliance on higher fat junk foods, and savoury preference. As we know there was more to these people than brute force. The best among them became expert planners, so in modern times, they really enjoy planning meals, and are prepared for every possibility, so they may often take more food than they need, just in case. The quick and perceptive thinking, foreseeing every pitfall and every danger to plans and schemes, may often find it difficult to change eating habits, even if they want to, as they will be able to see the pitfalls in most things, and as a rule don’t like change, so changing behaviour and sticking to a plan that wasn’t of their own making can prove difficult to follow. Their need to control and conquer, often manifests at the table, where they have a need to finish the plate, bottle, “two enter, one leave”, only one gets to leave, the meal or drink is defeated, demolished. Not usually compassionate or emotional, but the need to come out tops on the battlefield, this ruthless capability is often seen with food, and they can become unconcerned by the amount of food they are eating, often feeling like the battle was in their favour, they came and conquered, a battle won.
When it comes to managing what to eat, the warrior can follow a plan, if it’s of their own making, the ideal approach would be a no-nonsense, practical plan with a distinct, set of tools, plans, method, and a fool-proof strategy. A means to an end and as quick and forthright as possible. The warrior has shrewd intelligence and can be devious and manipulative when necessary, so the warrior managing weight should be aware that they will often try to manipulate the situation, and take control, which could go off plan very easily.
Warrior recommended diets
5:2, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting, Low Carbohydrate High Fat, Carb Backload or Cycling, The Fighter Diet.
Resolute: high levels of tenacity and determination (use this in a good way to plan what you want to achieve and work out a realistic time frame)
Use your killer instinct to kill workouts rather than all you can eat buffets!
Organisational: able to plan well and progressively, and bring those plans to fruition, so chose and plan accordingly for the success you want. 

Influence of the other groups

(Only applicable where there is a ‘score’ of 25% or more)

Where there is sufficient influence of either of the other groups it is possible that their major characteristics will show themselves from time to time. This is only possible, though, because the very direct and forthright nature of this personality’s own traits tend to overpower the subtle Intuitive-Adaptable qualities, and to stifle what they may view as an apparent lack of control of the Charismatic-Evidential individual.

Where it is the Intuitive-Adaptable traits that are in evidence, the apparent sociability may well be double-edged, this individual watching for opportunities or information that may be of use to break from the plan, social engagement, excuses of not wanting to offend, accepting extra portions or foods that are unhealthy as a ruse to bring about the finish it mind-set challenge of the warrior.  Any persuasiveness tends to show itself more as a tendency for this individual to nag or harangue, they don’t need to be told, they know exactly what they’re doing, while the changeable traits react upon the subconscious in a similar way to the I-A character, except that the mood swing is more determined, the battle will be won, excessive bingeing or swaying off plan, sometimes permanently.

It is the last group which is the one most likely to be noticeable, it can manifest as greed, falling spectacularly off the wagon, bingeing and aggression, which almost certainly will be directed at anyone who dares challenge their apparent failings to stay on plan.  At other times the enthusiasm may be channelled into planning to an almost obsessive need to pursue a plan or an idea which may not be totally sound – eating excessive junk today so they don’t feel tempted tomorrow, or just having a cheat meal or day, which may turn into a cheat week. The R-O/C-E combination is not a particularly happy one for either the individual or people around him/her as the drives can have an almost “spiteful sense of fun” directly externally or internally which can damage any previously meticulous positive plan into a forthright plan of a very negative kind which can easily become a habit.