Weight Management and the Ancient Nomad


These people were following the very earliest instincts of the species, the selfish drives for survival, the pleasure seekers. When it came to food these people would have relied on a balance of lean proteins, starchy carbohydrates, and plant-based food sources. The opportunists, the easy catch of fish, poultry, and game, a good mix of carbohydrates, beans, pulses, plants, seeds, and fruits. Out of the three, this tribe would have eaten the widest range of food sources, helping themselves to whatever was freely available without much thought to cultivation. The easy come easy go attitude, which can mean they lack the emotional food drive associated with the settler, but they can often be prone to lacking an off switch, the carefree individual who has no limits! The humans as a race had been nomadic originally and when the first settlements started being formed, these individuals preferred to remain that way. Not for them the emotional attachments that the Settlers formed (emotional eating), or the hard work and frequent disappointment involved in taming the land (lacking responsibility), or the meticulous planning of the Warrior (logical and methodical). They did not want the risks of battle, (shy away from confrontation), or the necessity to constantly be on your guard lest those whom you had vanquished should suddenly rise against (living guilt free with no thought given to repercussion). You can see that although on the surface they seem to have the best attitude, they can sometimes lack the drive for advanced planning, and the selfish drive can often see them adopting damaging behaviours, the true rebel without a cause, a high-energy drive that can lead to eating on the run, unsuitable food choices, low on nutrients and sometimes high in calories, caffeine or sugar! They are highly competitive when it comes to being the best, so will approach diets with a high drive for success, however without the aggression or planning of the warrior, they often give up once the initial excitement has worn off, complaining that the diet was boring, or not wanting to be tamed by conformity, will make excuses, that they don’t need to watch what they eat, they make their own rules, and hate following the crowd. They are drawn to trends that are out of the norm, the weird or wacky will almost certainly appeal, especially the quick fix, they are drawn to flashy, outlandish claims, but will never admit that they bought into anything, unless of course, they can sell it on for profit, hence the rise in MLM supplementation within the food industry, blame the Nomads!


Where the Warriors and Settlers were always in large groups, the Nomads would have travelled in much smaller bands, even sometimes as individuals, you will find this evident today in their favour of cult or diet fads.


They would have been light-hearted people with little or no need to put down roots, so finding enjoyment or excitement in a balanced in a diet could prove difficult. Wandering from one place to another, leaving behind any problems or difficulties that might accrue wherever they stopped for a while, will see them trying lots of diets, giving up either because they became bored, or didn’t lose enough weight, quickly enough, grew impatient or felt they were being controlled so just stopped, even if they had bought a huge amount of special foods or supplements in preparation. The original wandering minstrels, entertainers, tinkers, salespeople, always difficult to pin down, never staying in one guise or situation long enough to be saddled with responsibility, means they often find it hard to plan, relying on quick fixes, miracle plans, pills, potions, anything that looks too good to be true. They rely on their wits to survive, so often feel they’re able to outsmart bad diet choices. They can live on their nerves to burn calories, they are the ones that can eat whatever they like and get away with it, and for a while they usually can, however when they can’t, it can come as an awful shock and one that is often hard to swallow. By nature they are probably far more independent and charismatic than the other two groups put together, so can get away with dressing well for their size, or cover up any unscrupulous eating patterns, often lying to themselves. This personality type will be the most likely to post green smoothies on social media, whilst eating fast food.


The modern Nomad… now there is an interesting personality. They don’t necessarily wander far and wide geographically, although some will be sailors or long-distance lorry drivers. Most of them, manage to contain that inherent wanderlust, however, social media, invented for the Nomad, allows them to exhibit themselves far and wide, satisfying that drive. They dislike responsibility, love showing off, an inbuilt urge to be extremely individual, to be ‘not part of the common herd’, the need for change, drama and excitement mean they usually spend considerable time attempting to be the centre of attention, enjoying feelings of importance. They are frequently the ‘larger than life’ character, certainly always charismatic and, more often, quite ‘showy’ in their demeanour, hence the attraction to flash, or showy diet fads or cults.


They don’t uncommonly have difficulties in relationships and that includes food since they are inclined to be rather more interested in themselves than they are in others! They are often clever and witty, frequently ‘ideas people’ with original and innovative plans and schemes, always with an eye to creating an impression, so they could be driven to eat well, for monetary reward, or fame, often seen again in social media with the new breed of exercise and diet internet stars.


At a high level, they are found amongst the ranks of actors, barristers, and financial experts; at the lower levels, they are lesser entertainers, con-men, and salesmen or company representatives, MLM strikes again!


Nomad recommended diets (choose any cult or fad diet)

The 4-Hour Body, 5:2 diet, Alkaline diet, Baby Food Diet, Blood type diet, Cabbage soup diet, Detox diet, Dukan Diet, Fruitarianism, Grapefruit diet, Israeli Army diet, KE diet, Macrobiotics, Master Cleanse, Morning banana diet, Paleolithic diet, Pritikin Diet, Scarsdale medical diet, South Beach Diet, Low-carbohydrate diet, Atkins diet, Sugar Busters, Zone diet, High carb/low fat diets, Dr. Dean Ornish: Eat More, Weigh Less, The Good Carbohydrate Revolution, The Pritikin Principle, Food combining, Fit for Life, Suzanne Somers’ Somersizing, Liquid diets, Cambridge Diet, Slim-Fast, Diet pills, supplements and herbal remedies, Dexatrim Natural, HCG diet, Hydroxycut, Metabolife.


Charismatic: naturally outgoing.


Your constant need for change can be put to good use if used positively for the change you want to see in yourself. Posting regular updates on social media of your progress should keep you accountable and may even provide a healthy secondary income!
Evidential: what-you-see-is-what-you-get, which is very often a high-profile performance.


Influence of the other groups


(Only applicable with a ‘score’ or 25% or more)


This group really needs an offsetting influence for the individual to be able to cope with the more boring and mundane aspects of eating well. Fortunately, this is likely to be the case, because of the C-E character, whilst inherently noisy, tends to easily absorb influences. This is especially true, of course, where its own percentage is not particularly dominant.


The most likely group to make its effects felt is the Resolute-Organizational, probably because of its lack of complexity. The result is sometimes an inspiring combination of flamboyance and industry when there can be surprisingly good and reliable work with quite serious matters. The C-E needs a good balance of diet and exercise to thrive, especially where there are aesthetic rewards. In the young, Fitness modelling, Body Building, Yoga, Fitspo, Cross-Fit be particularly favoured.


Less comfortable is the combination with the Intuitive-Adaptable personality, because of the conflict between patience and the need for instant gratification, the realm of the quick fix junkie. The sociable outlook of this type then combines with the natural enthusiasm and exuberance of the C-E and can produce a back-slapping, laugh-a-minute individual, when everything is going their way! The changeability, however, reveals a tendency to pout and suddenly ‘throw a wobbly’ – noisily – when things aren’t to his/her liking, often blaming a diet or exercise regime as being flawed. Without the modifying influence of the Resolute-Organizational group, this combination can sometimes seem annoyingly childish to many, the C-E/I-A won’t usually care too much of course, often sulking momentarily, only to re-emerge with a new vim and vigour for the next fad or fix!