Weight Control

Managing weight can feel like an almost impossible task. People have many beliefs about diet and nutrition, but it may interest you to know that mind-set plays a valuable role in how our body perceives and deals with food.

Dr Alia Crum, PhD Mind over milkshakes: mind-set not just nutrients, determine ghrelin response. (great read).
The study concluded that the effect of food consumption on ghrelin may be psychologically mediated. Mind-set meaningfully affects physiological responses to food.

Carrying or supressing emotion could make it more difficult to manage weight effectively.

Our aim is to support clients in improving mind-set. We work on the emotional stuff that’s no longer useful, grief, anger, shame, embarrassment, because once you let go, you may find it easier to find acceptance, and forgiveness. This can have beneficial effects on your well-being, including the ability to manage weight effectively and permanently.

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