This poem is given with love for a baby loved and lost.

You suffered so much, felt far too much pain, you wondered if life would be worthy again.

And so you called out, straight up and on high, a child too be born so that you would not cry.

But a child by itself can not stop earthly pains, of tears and regrets that flow through your veins.

The answer was clear, never fully understood. This path that has lead you to brief motherhood.

Part of this quest was to show you we’re here, and then we will leave you, remove all your fear.

Because we are angels, you called us by name, and now you have seen us, remove that felt pain.

We’ve come here to help you, release fear and blame. We’ve come here to show you, our heart has a name.

And so we must leave you, but we are still here, the beautiful Angels that wipe away fear.

Hearts that are strong, yet not meant for this plain. To fulfil that longed wish for a baby again.

But remember this always, we’re here for you now, and we can do more, but you may wonder how.

But wonder in joy, for all is not gone, this just the beginning, a life that moves on.

An angel that’s been sent from up and on high, once seen will return it’s journey right back to the sky.

And here we will see you, now know we are near, never again be alone to face what you fear.

Rejoice in our passing, like ships in the night, we’re guiding and urging, release all your fright.

We come only with love to fill all your heart, but for that to exist we had to depart.

Back to where we came from, like stars in the night. An Angel to guide you, seen here in plain sight.

So dry all your tears, there’s no need to cry, dry all those tears no need to ask why.

I’m here for you always, I’ll no longer hide, see once your true Angel, now here by your side.

Call out to us often, release all you fear, we arrived in that moment, so know we are here.

Loving so much with a heart that could burst, open fully with love, we will quench that thirst.

But first be brave, let go to receive, for our love is endless it needs not to breathe.

It’s not the end, life just goes on, remember us often and sing all our songs.

You’ll find us in music and all you hold dear, no end just beginnings, we’ve opened your ear.

Kiss that body sweetly, let go of the pain, as you lay them to rest, call out, use our name.

Be strong, be with body, our love is so strong, we want you to know that we carry you on.

Be still, come right in and breathe, because now you know that we’ll never leave.

Feel us in your mind, your soul your flesh and your bone, because now you will know you are never alone.