Many people freely admit that they find it hard to relax and switch off. At our most relaxed, upon waking, we must often get up. This means that in the hectic pace of life, relaxing or feeling relaxed can often feel negative and something to be overridden.

Our perceived inability to relax can often leave us feeling unrefreshed, even after sleep. Rejuvenation during sleep is our body’s way to help repair damage and keeps us healthy. If we feel unrefreshed we may start to feel unhealthy and this can lead to unhealthy choices.

Relaxation is a powerful tool, and when we find that feeling easily, it’s often very like someone who experiences hypnosis. Hypnosis is merely concentration on a single thought.

We often feel relaxed watching a movie or television. This is subtle hypnosis, and is why advertising on TV is so expensive. Corporations spend huge amounts on advertising their products as when our mind is concentrating on a single thought it is much easier to make suggestion that would be readily accepted by the subconscious. For corporations, that subtle form of hypnosis means huge potential growth in sales.

Hypnosis is merely concentration. It is a way that ideas and concepts can be readily accepted if those concepts are plausible, possible and fair, and suit our own personal ideals. If we want to feel better about ourselves, we could, using relaxation and hypnosis. If we wanted to feel more refreshed after sleep, we could also use relaxation and hypnosis to feel more rejuvenated.

The mind has a powerful connection to our body, and we may be able to influence the body with positive mind reinforcement and simple relaxation.

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