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All clients are given a free consultation of up to 30 minutes, this can be done via telephone, e-message or in person.

If during the initial 30 minute consultation the client decides not to use the services of Hypnotherapy-Essex Ltd there will be no charge for our services, the consultation will be free and no additional sessions will be booked at that time, however sessions can be booked at any time in the future when and if the client feels ready to do so and will be charged in the normal way.

Many clients will want to proceed with therapy upon arrival, this will be charged in the normal way at £70 for a single hour, or £60 for each hour session if block booked, a minimum of 2 required, we understand sessions will sometimes run over by a few minutes, and will allow wherever possible time for these eventualities with no extra charge unless agreed beforehand that a longer session may be required.  Please speak to your therapist before each session commencement, with notice, if you feel like a longer session is needed and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Smoking cessation usually requires a longer session time and will be charged at a flat rate of £240, and conducted on the same day. (same payment terms apply).

If for whatever reason we need to write to your doctor, we will always ask for your verbal consent.

Therapy session with your Certified Hypnotherapist Jane Williams are set by Hypnotherapy-Essex Ltd.

Standard Session of Hypnotherapy, BWRT® or subsequent services will be charged at a flat rate of £70 for the first hour payable on the day or pre-payment in advance using Bank Transfer or PayPal

This will ensure the best possible outcome for (you) the client in choice of therapy, number of sessions required, desired outcome, goal setting, perceived level of achievement, likely outcome and work required, including self-management strategies outside of session time and is designed solely on the information given by (you) to your therapist.

We have an initial standard charge of £70 for a single session or pre-booked double session or more will be charged at £60 an hour.

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