If calories were money!

If calories were money would you try to spend wisely, or blow the lot?


Christmas can be expensive, impacting on wealth and health.


When we spend money, wealth goes down, if only if was the same for calories.  It’s hard to believe that what goes up does not come down. As calories go up, waistline goes up.


We often spend those cold New year months cash poor, fat rich, not always a recipe for success, unless of course your industry is diet, making money out of others misery is a sure fire way to riches.


So how can we ensure our bank balance and weight remain stable.


  1.  Plan your strategy to success.

Work out what you have to spend, finance and calories and use wisely.   Look for what’s free or provides value, satisfy your inner logic. Will that impulse buy or moment on the lips be worth it, next week, next month, next year?


  1. Pay it forward.

Reward with kind deeds, and gestures, they mean a lot, time is precious, give generously to those who matter most, that includes you!


  1.  Be selfish.

Do you find yourself trying hard to be nice, and then wonder why you’re even bothering?  What would actually happen if you became more selfish, would you smile more, have more time, feel relaxed, feel happy, better able to cope?


We often do what we think is expected without really looking at results.  Being selfish can actually help us to plan more effectively so we have more time to pay things forward.


That’s a selfish that most would love to achieve, and that means more time for you, your family and friends and doing the things you love, and because your day will be filled with all the things you do want, you’ll be less likely to fixate on things you don’t want, over spending or eating. So if we plan and pay forward all the things we do want, we will feel more balanced, and when it comes to managing finances or weight, the key is always balance.


Happy planning and paying forward, here’s to a brighter and lighter New Year for all!


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