We do not advise children, the frail or infirm to have extended session times as they may become tired or bored, and any therapeutic effect might be lost. 

A mutual, verbal, contractual agreement of commitment between the client and therapist will ensure the best possible outcome in choice of therapy, number of sessions required, desired outcome, goal setting, perceived level of achievement, likely outcome and work required, this will include self-management strategies outside of session time and is designed solely on the information given by the client to the therapist.

Any information gathered either in writing or during discussion is strictly between the client and the therapist, will remain private and confidential and will not be shared or discussed with any third party without formal consent from the client in session, unless that client is likely to cause serious harm either to themselves, children or others. Commencement of children and young adult therapy in the form of paid sessions means that these terms have been read and accepted by the Parent, Guardian or legal Carer and client.

If for whatever reason we need to write to your doctor, we will always ask for your verbal consent.