Falling is a blessing

I fell off of my bike as a child, initially I felt pain and wanted my friends to acknowledge me. I waited, none of my friends had even noticed me, and after a while the initial pain had gone and I was still there waiting on the floor for them to see where I was and that I needed help. Eventually I got up and told them of my suffering, they said they were sorry, they just didn’t see that I was in need. We cannot expect anyone to see what we see, also know what we know or additionally do what we do. We may feel suffering but all we really need to know is that we all have the power to change where we are at any given moment. Take pride in your falls, they are here to show us how far we’ve really come. The higher we fall, the more pain we might feel. It does not mean we have to stay at the bottom, it just means our path has reached great heights. The fall will allow us to see especially, how much new ground we have covered. A stark reminder of the road travelled.  We embark each day onto a new adventure full of learning, the path we have just walked behind us. Embrace opportunities that are infinite, suffering is always with us.  Suffering can carry us on to new adventures of discovery, or remain the same. The power is always within. Stay strong and walk your truth, your path. Pain is merely the ability to feel life and know you are living. The life you choose to live is yours to take, free yourself from pain by living your best life, in time you’ll thank yourself for recognising your blessings.