Free Downloads

We have recorded absolutely free MP3’s for you to use and enjoy!

We will send you a specially recorded MP3 to enhance existing therapy or as an introduction to our services and the power of Self-Hypnosis.

These recordings have been created using scripts written by Terence Watts and taken with kind permission from the Hypnosense Website.

By listening each day, you can help bring about positive change within and about yourself. We strongly advise using recordings only when it is safe to do so, and not when operating machinery or driving. Many people find a comfortable place to sit where they won’t be disturbed and by allowing themselves to relax, they are able to experience the powerful effects found by many when they want to experience Self-Hypnosis.

Often people will find themselves napping during these deep relaxations and ask if they can be used during sleep. Recordings can be used during sleep, however, with practise, most people will awake feeling refreshed as soon as the recording is finished. We can provide an extremely successful alternative therapy for insomnia, please contact us for further information in the usual way.

Whether you are looking to enhance your intuitive abilities, work on the law of attraction, control your weight, quit smoking, release pain, guilt, anxiety, or fear of what others think of you, take a journey down through consciousness, or through a rainbow, into space, through time, or even a fairground, we have it all here and it’s absolutely free.

Once you have benefited and experienced first-hand that inner power that some people often call hypnosis, you may want to book in for some in-house life changing therapeutic work of your own at our locations in Burnham on Crouch or Chelmsford.

MP3 recordings with be emailed to you free of charge, and can be used on most computers and handheld devices.

If you experience any difficulties with the recordings please get in touch

All downloads are FREE OF CHARGE – just add to cart, no payment details required.