Additional Information

We urge any potential clients to speak to a number of therapists, as that way you will know exactly who you feel would be the best person to help you, in the most succinct and successful way possible.

Therapy methods and qualifications vary wildly. We take pride in our commitment to ongoing training and learning, and belong to a number of regulatory bodies to uphold the most professional of standards. We are fully insured and comply with the Data Protection Act.

Therapists should not mind questions being asked, in fact we welcome them. Our industry is mostly self-regulated and the title we hold is not protected in any way, so anyone can call themselves a therapist or hypnotherapist.

More on protected titles:

Please make sure before embarking on any course of therapy that you find a therapist that you believe can do the very best job for you.

Therapy is life changing work when done properly and we want all of our clients to get the very best experience from their very unique therapeutic process.

Clients’ needs are different, and we offer a comprehensive range of therapeutic tools to give you, the client, the very best experience.