I want to thank Jane so much for helping my 5 year old with her fear of needles. She has the patients of a saint and I cannot explain the different experiences we had before and after our session with her. We will be eternally grateful x

Lauren – Chelmsford

Just wanted to say thanks again for last week’s hypno session. A remarkable experience and I’ve genuinely felt the benefits immediately.

The morning after I found the pain in the sole of my right foot had gone after many months. My energy levels have been noticeably higher ever since and, most importantly, I was able to finish the project in time for the deadline yesterday. Whatever happens to it now, the fact that I managed to push on and complete it was a real breakthrough.

I think what has surprised me the most that the cause of the blockage – or at least a large part of it – wasn’t anything I’d imagined but actually a small buried memory that I’d not consciously thought about in years. I guess that’s often the way it goes, right?

So, my thanks again for your help. I feel this is going to be a good year.

Steven, Burnham on Crouch

I feel this is going to be a good year!

I found the whole process beneficial. To be able to say things you didn’t feel able to tell anyone else, and for someone to really listen without being judgemental, it’s been the first time I’ve really felt able to open up.

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June Burnham on Crouch Anxiety

Jane is very professional while being down to earth. I feel she helped me with my issues in a short time. I’d recommend Jane to anyone wanting to talk & use hypnotherapy. Thanks Jane

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Jason Wickford Addiction

I’d never had hypnotherapy before and I was amazed how great I felt afterwards the whole process start to finish was amazing I was amazed how deep I could relax. Fantastic job will be back again thank you Jane. She really knows what she’s doing

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Adrian Tillingham Relaxation

It was my first pregnancy and I didn’t want to think about the birth as everyone had all these horror stories! I went along to Jane and felt so calm and comfortable at every session. It felt like such an indepth cleansing of any worry I may have had at the time, whether it be pregnancy or family or work related. The birth had its ups and downs but people commented how calm I was throughout the labour and I firmly believe it was all down to hypnotherapy! Thanks ever so much Jane!

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Sam St Lawrence Hypnobirth

I found it very useful Jane so thank you very much. Feels like a light switch has been switched on in terms of thinking about what I want and not what I don’t. I did watch the video but your explanations really enhanced that and hit home. So I now seem to be automatically thinking I want to be healthy, I want to feel good, I want to take care of myself instead of I don’t want to be fat. This seems to be leading me on to thinking about what we will eat today and me thinking what food will make me feel good? What food is good for my body? So I feel very much more positive. And I have that image strong in my mind of me looking how I want to be and the smile on my face when I am pegging out the washing knowing I made it happen! That was very empowering. Thanks again and I’ll definitely take part again if you do more.

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Joanne Burnham on Crouch Weight Managment