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I am Jane, fully licensed Therapist in Essex.

I was fortunate enough to complete my hypnotherapy training in-house at the Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis in Southend on Sea, Essex under the guidance of Terence Watts.

Terence Watts is the first person from any psychotherapy-related profession to achieve the level of ‘MCGI’ – Member of the City and Guilds Institute. It was awarded on the creation and implementation of a specialist hypnotherapy course in psychosexual disorders, as well as for a number of his other highly regarded and recognised courses in the field of hypnotherapy, counselling and coaching.

The Essex Institute is one of very few schools that has the legal right to call itself an ‘Institute’ with UK Government approval. To gain ’Institute’ status requires permission from the UK secretary of State. The school must show evidence of a high level of research, training and leadership in the fields of hypnotherapy and teaching, and they must be able to provide training materials for other schools in the UK and Worldwide. We belong to a number of associations, including data protection, and are fully DBS checked with enhanced disclosure that includes working with children.

My Approach

I began my career working for the Metropolitan Police, moving into insurance, before embarking on a very successful career within the entertainment and hospitality industry. I eventually settled in London, where I worked as a recruitment consultant for a secretarial agency, dealing with media, accountancy and law clients. I took 10 years out to bring up my children, in which time I embarked on further study in early years’ education, parenting, exercise, gym, personal training, sports therapies, hypnotherapy, psychosexual therapy and BWRT®.

I have a keen interest in the complexities of the human condition; the parts that make us imperfectly perfect because life would be boring if we were all the same.

Life, however, can often feel brutal, unfair, confusing, unjust, or just awful, and that’s where therapy can help.

We want to help you to see that amongst all the bad stuff that life often brings, underneath it all, there’s light and that light is within you.

Any good therapist knows how powerful therapy can be, because, just like you, we went looking for answers to our own seemingly unresolvable questions. We got to experience therapy from where you’re standing right now, and we want to help guide you to find the answers you seek and to find resolve in those answers so you may even decide that one day you might pass this knowledge on, either through recommendation or by undertaking specialist training yourself.

Possibilities are limited only by our own minds, go beyond the surface, and those possibilities are endless.

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